Heart To Heart Bio Sheet

· Toured nationwide for 15 years

· Grammy & Dove nominees

· Appeared on The Grand Ole Opry Stage

· 2017 Christian Voice Magazine Country Gospel Duo of the Year

· 2016 VIP Terry Beene Award Guests, Branson, MO

· 2016 Christian Voice Magazine Country Gospel Duo of the Year

· 2015 Country Gospel Media Personalities of the Year

· 2015 AGAPE Duo of the Year

· 2014 AGAPE Duo of the Year

· 2014 Int'l. Country Gospel Duo of the Year

· 2014 CGC Int'l. Choice Awards Duo of the Year

· 2014 CGMA Silver Heart Duo of the Year

2013 & 2012 National AGAPE Fan Awards Duo of the Year

· 2013 Country Gospel Music Fanfest Duo of the Year

· 2012 Country Gospel Music Association Central Fan Awards Duo of the Year

· 2012 & 2011 Country Connection Choice Awards Int'l. Duo of the Year (Radio)

· 2010 National Duet & Vocal Group of the Year - GMA/IMMERSE - Nashville

· Multi Award-Winning Songwriters

· Hosts "The Branson Gospel Groove" Radio Show

· Feature Writers, Country Gospel Connection Magazine

· Regularly Featured Artists on The Branson Stage

· Shared the stage with the likes of Barbara Fairchild

· Joann Cash

· The Comets

· Accapella

· Highly-sought after because of their innovative music

This is a sample of the Branson Gospel Groove which is produced Chris Deddens and by Heart To Heart Music Group. Additional archives can be found at www.soundcloud.com. In the "search" bar, type in "Jerry Mays"

May 20th 2016 Neww BGG Program Picture

 This link represents audio demos from the different radio formats I have worked for.  Because Flash Player is no longer supported, you will find these demos at https://soundcloud.com/user-198052521. If using your phone,go to the "Internet" button and type www.lcinternetradio.com.  Scroll down to where you see the above link.  Click and scroll down to where it says "Tracks".  Next click "see all".  You will then see my demos along with "Branson Gospel Groove" programs, and Podcasts from the "Kroger Podcast Network".  If using LinkedIn on your phone, make sure you look for "Chris Deddens Kroger Front End Clerk".  Then scroll down to "Chris Deddens Demos" then hit "View".  That will take you to Soundcloud.  Next scroll down until you see "Tracks".  Next hit "all". There you will find my radio demos, excerpts from "Branson Gospel Groove" program, and podcasts from "The Kroger Podcast Network"