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written and produced by Chris Deddens

Eagle Rock Road Church of Christ

Christian discipleship begins when the Holy Spirit inspires you to share God's Word.  And when God is in control of our lives our eternal destination is sealed.   Deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ today at Eagle Rock Road Church of Christ 432 Eagle Rock Road Branson, Mo near the Kirby Vanburch Theatre.  It's where God's Word is uncompromised. Sunday morning Bible study 9:30am followed by 10:30 am and 5pm worship services. Wednesday Bible study at 6pm.   Eagle Rock Road Church of Christ... where hearts are changed forever.   For more information, contact Preacher Philip North 417-236-1036. 417-236-1036.

Habitat For Humanity 

It has been the American dream to raise a family in a house you call your very own. However, some weren't so fortunate until Habitat For Humanity made it possible. With a crew of loving and caring volunteers, many are homeowners.  Great satisfaction can be found in knowing you made a big difference, as brick by brick, the impossible is now possible. To volunteer, or to get assistance, the number is 507-388-2081.

Mourning Glories Prayer Retreat Center

Standing amongst God's beautiful creation gives us an opportunity to enter into the presence of our Heavenly Creator. Mourning Glories Prayer Retreat Center, located on Silver Lake south of Fairmont, MN, gives its visitors a chance to experience the presence of the Creator.  Enjoy Christian fellowship with other believers.  Boating, fishing, and swimming.  Spend a day or a weekend.  Groups are welcomed. The number 507-238-4511.


Grandma's kitchen was always busy, and it was that fresh-baked aroma that made visits such a tasty delight. Well, that freshness never relinquished, and you can still smell it today at 'Cinnaroll." Their Cinnamon Rolls, soups and sandwiches are guaranteed to arouse any taste bud.  A lunch menu also available. Located next to the Dutton Theater on the 76 Strip. "Cinnaroll"...A tasty delight morning, noon, or night.  The number 417-231-5900.

                                                                              The Barbara Fairchild Diner

This Ozark Sweetheart has the reputation of sweetening up her kitchen with this region's most renown pies and deserts. Each provide the perfect compliment to any of the tasty menu items at the Barbara Fairchild Diner 3044 Shepherd Of The Hills Expressway Branson, MO.  Menu items include juicy hamburgers, hot Dogs, Barbecue, and what has been called the best-tasting Chicken Salad visitors have ever tasted!! Open Monday thru Friday 11 to 8pm and Saturday 11to 3pm. Closed Sunday.  Don't miss the Gospel Music shows Tuesday thru Friday at 10am featuring Gospel music hits such as the "Teddy Bear" song, "The Longer I Serve Him," and Christian comedian Bob Nelson every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights starting at 8pm. The number 417-336-4718.  The Barbara Fairchild Ozark tradition.

                                                                                 The Imax Food Court

One bite for a tasty delight that even the pickiest eater couldn't refuse.  Plus stop in for a 10% discount. That's the Imax Food Court promise. Do they leave satisfied?  Well, we will let them speak for themselves (SFX: cheering crowd), and that is a guarantee that will please you also.  For those who enjoy Sub Sandwiches, Quizno's offers a savory variety such as Tuna Melt, Steak, Chicken, Club, Ham and Cheese, Roast Beef, and more.  Each one meticulously prepared on your choice of Toasted Wheat, Italian, Rose Marie Parmesan, or White bread.  Toppings like Lettuce, Tomatoes, Black Olives, and more, adding the finishing touches. Economically priced too.  In addition to the Subs, The Imax Food Court boasts this area's best-tasting Pizza.  Choose from 7, 12, 14, or 16with your choice of toppings. Whatever you decide, it is an Italian cuisine peculiar to the Ozarks not Chicago or New York.  Kids will love this: It is Baskin Robbins Ice Cream that is always a family hit all season long, with tantalizing flavors such as Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, Baseball Nut, Strawberry, and many others, guaranteed to arouse any taste bud.  Also delicious Banana Splits, Malts, Shakes, and Sundaes smothered in toppings like Hot Fudge and Caramel, just to name a few.  As you can see, the true taste test occurs everyday at The Imax Food Court 3562 Shepherd Of The Hills Expwy Branson, MO 417-239-0120

                                                                                Liners For Brewer Media

written and produced by Chris Deddens

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