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     Christopher J. Deddens 

     8263 Harcourt Road Apt 133

     Indianapolis, IN 46260


Terrestrial/Digital Broadcaster


Impeccable work ethic 

  • Showing up for work despite inclement weather by sleeping at work or motel
  • Self-taught computer skills
  • Constructing my own voice recording studio
  • Self-constructed website
  • Radio Announcer 35 years
  • Willing to work overtime,
  • If a remote is at 10am, I show up at 7am
  • Missing only 4 days of work in the last 5 years
  • Traveled 3000 miles looking for work, and paying my own expenses
  • Work well with others
  • On 3 different occasions, I walked 3 miles, 2 miles, and another 2 miles to work as car was going through routine maintenance.  That's a total of 7 miles.
  • Because my glasses broke (with no spare pair), I still came to various jobs and was able to read everything 
  • Paid for most of my Broadcasting Education
  • Paid for most of my 7 -radio moves
  • At the WPOP job, I was asked to train for 2 days; I went the extra mile and  trained for 4
  • While at WPOP radio, which ended up being a job scam, I still attended work despite my glasses breaking.  I had no spare pair but was able to see everything clearly

Community mindedness

Highly motivated

Surpasses work expectations




An admirable work ethic that will inspire others to give their best too


  • Proficiency in audio board operation
  • Creative copy writing skills
  • Radio DJ for 36 years
  • self-constructed my own web site

Areas of Interest

  • On air talent for radio stations 
  • Audio and copy writing specialist for audio production facility
  • Digital communications programmer for any company who will value voice tracking as a profitable and marketable tool       

Key Skills

  • Producer/editor for award-winning Branson Gospel Groove
  • Weather reporter for The Radio Forecast Network
  • Radio DJ for several different formats
  • Love & Compassionate Internet Radio
  • Professional voice talent for projects needing a voice talent

How Can I Bring Value

Generating new and innovative ideas that cut costs and increase profitability through implementation of today's digital technology

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